Chuubiten Central Art Association

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

November 10 - 16, 2023

Tokyo, Japan





About Chuubiten

The Chuo Art Association was founded in 1952 in Koriyama, with Zenzaburo Kojima as its first president, Shikanosuke Oka (recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit), Kazumasa Nakagawa (recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit), Takaji Shimizu (person of cultural merit), and Yataro Noguchi. Founded by Saburo. The aim is to create a society filled with the joy of life through art. It is an art organization with a history of 70 years and more than 270 members. We are expanding branch activities all over the country.

The Central Art Association's concept is that things full of life are beautiful and that we should create lively works, and we have a tradition of being an open organization that does not discriminate between men and women of all ages, veterans and newcomers.




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